Elixir Piping and Drumming specialise in peak performance coaching for pipers, drummers and pipe bands, through the design and delivery of unique development programmes and teaching aids. The Elixir Team are registered SCQF Assessors and full-time, professionally qualified and experienced piping and drumming instructors. They passionately believe in 'Excellence for Everyone', through progressive goal setting, continual pursuit of excellence, and peak performance.

Your Goal is Our Goal.


Exam material can be extensive and daunting to both teacher and student, with real teaching time often limited. Goal specific teaching material can be difficult to locate in one complete, easy to use resource...until now!

Elixir Piping and Drumming Exam Excellence Programme presents a series of goal specific, easy learning, step by step task books, designed to prepare students for:
  • Bagpipes for Beginners & Drummers Launch Pad
  • SCQF Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
  • PDQB Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • PDQB Piobaireachd Certificate
  • PDQB Performer Certificate
  • PDQB Tutor Certificate
  • PDQB Teacher Certificate
Designed for teacher and student, these books provide set goals, a road map for instruction, an incentive to practice and a means by which to monitor progress.

Great tools for both teacher and student


Teach someone a tune, and they can play that tune.
Teach someone to read music, and they can play any tune.

The Elixir Piping and Drumming “Sight Reading Programme” for Solo Pipers is an eight part series, from complete beginner to advanced, which breaks the art of sight reading into step by step, achievable goals. 

Each progressive level builds a strong foundation of technique, understanding of idiom, builds finger dexterity and fluency, and builds confidence – all without the anchor of having to memorise each piece played.

Creative, unique, designed for both teacher and student: the Elixir Piping and Drumming Sight Reading Programme is the gift that keeps on giving.

Great tools for both teacher and student
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